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[FIX] Dockerfile: add env var to avoid numpy weird errors

Description of the issue/feature this PR addresses:

Currently, if numpy is available in the modules even if you are not using it
Odoo try to compile and the system is down only for a type of processor

Currently we know 2 server reproducing the error:

  • B&F-production
  • Runbot

More info about:

It is reproducing in the following MR:

Check the following discussion

OpenBLAS creates a number of threads equal to the number of core threads available: 56 in my case (production server),
so it quickly reached limit_memory_hard
and the process was killed (SIGSEGV)
Forcing OPENBLAS_NUM_THREADS=1 fixed the issue.

Current behavior before PR:
 Weird errors related to numpy.

Desired behavior after PR is merged:
 No errors related to numpy.

Close #85

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