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Revert "Merge branch 'revert-535f16a2' into 'master'"

Olar Alca [Vauxoo] requested to merge revert-5b4bd01c into master

This MR needs the merge of the MR !93 to keep the tests from fail, and is a solution for the issue #59

  • Change thumbnail date, from the sync date to the stamped date.
  • Add Name's document and Total Amount inside the thumbnail under the title.
  • Total and Emmiter name are now searchable in the documents view.
  • Add help for the fields in the model "ir.attachment"
  • Add translations for the help and name of the fields.

New Thumbnails

Documents_-Thumbnail-_English Documents_Thumbnail_New

Search with "Invoice total amount"


Search with "Emitter"


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