1. 01 Apr, 2016 3 commits
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  8. 16 Mar, 2016 1 commit
    • Nicolas Martinelli's avatar
      [FIX] account: filter out special periods · 7b7f3fa7
      Nicolas Martinelli authored
      When computing the balance, debit and/or credit, the opening period must
      be filtered out. Otherwise, the invoices which are still opened at the
      time of the period closing will be counted twice.
  9. 15 Mar, 2016 2 commits
    • Goffin Simon's avatar
      [FIX] stock: Transfering the pack · f66fcf97
      Goffin Simon authored
      When transfering the pack, the priority to the moves in state "assigned"
      or partially_available(=true) must be given.
      Used case (steps):
      -set warehouse with three steps to delivery
      -create one product A with qty on hand 10
      -create sale order with first line product A by qty 2 and the second line with product A with qty 10
      -confirm sale order
      -check availability
      -transfer pick by qty 10
      -transfer pack by qty 10
      The pack couldn't be transered
      Now the pack is transfered.
      Closes: #10764
    • xmo-odoo's avatar
      [FIX] scaffold: correctly decode utf8 templates · c824e50b
      xmo-odoo authored
      As its documentation notes[0], Jinja2 only processes unicode template
      data (or pure ASCII, which will implicitly decode to unicode).
      The scaffolding system would read raw scaffolding data in memory (both
      templates and passthrough non-templates), but fail to decode templates
      before handing them to Jinja, blowing rendering up if templates
      contained non-ascii.
      Fix #11331 by always decoding templates from UTF8 before handing them
      to jinja. This is backwards-compatible, ascii templates work as they
      used to, non-ascii UTF8 templates now work correctly, non-ascii
      non-UTF8 templates what are you doing?
      [0] http://jinja.pocoo.org/docs/dev/api/#unicode
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  13. 10 Mar, 2016 2 commits
    • Denis Ledoux's avatar
      [FIX] web: `char_domain` rendering on record switch · 4fb2e76b
      Denis Ledoux authored
      When using the left/riht arrow to switch of record
      in a form view,
      the rendering of the `char_domain` widget was done too
      early, before all fields are ready / set, and if the
      domain of the previous record could not be applied
      on the current record, it leaded to a traceback.
      This revision introduce a new deffered,
      because I coudln't find one that was doing
      what I was looking for:
       - `is_initialized` is a defferred which is
       resolved when the form view has finished
       its rendering for the first time
       - `reload_mutex` is a mutex used only when reloading or
       switch to left/right record.
      While the one needed in this case is a deferred
      which is resolved when the record has finished
      being rendered, wether when its when coming
      from the list view to the form view (and it's
      not the first time the form view is loaded,
      e.g. list view -> form view -> list view -> form view, another record),
      or on the switch of left/right record.
    • Martin Trigaux's avatar
      [FIX] gamification: close challenge after expiration · abe58595
      Martin Trigaux authored
      Before this patch, the challenges with an end date in the future were closed at
      the first cron run.
  14. 09 Mar, 2016 5 commits
  15. 08 Mar, 2016 2 commits
    • Sabrina Romero's avatar
    • Jairo Llopis's avatar
      [8.0][FIX] Make on_change in address_format divs work · 906bf16a
      Jairo Llopis authored
      To reproduce the bug:
      - Create a partner.
      - Set it state "Alaska".
      - Country becomes "United States".
      - Set a country for YourCompany, such as Spain.
      - Create a partner.
      - Set it state "Alaska".
      - Country remains blank.
      Also, `node.xpath("//field")` was running over every `<field>` in the
      view, not just those inside the `<div class="address_format">`. Now it
      only traverses the right nodes, which renders every affected view
  16. 07 Mar, 2016 3 commits
    • Nicolas Martinelli's avatar
      [FIX] stock_landed_costs: stock input account · b955bac1
      Nicolas Martinelli authored
      When assigning landed costs to products that have already left the
      stock, the expense account is used instead of the stock input account.
    • Goffin Simon's avatar
      [FIX] account_check_writing: wrong duplicate period · 7cf20afb
      Goffin Simon authored
      When duplicating an account voucher, the period was duplicated even if
      the Bill Date didn't match with it.
    • Nicolas Lempereur's avatar
      [FIX] base: don't unlink base.open_menu but reset it · 4309bd31
      Nicolas Lempereur authored
      The ir.actions.todo record base.open_menu is used to redirect the user
      to a menu after installing a module.
      To do so, a new module override the record changing its action (toward a
      menu) and setting its state to "open".
      But with f7fe753d when one such changed action is removed after
      uninstalling a module (or removing the action by any other way) the
      base.open_menu would also be removed. Thus thereafter the open_menu will
      not work anymore (since type "automatic" is lost).
      With this commit, when whenever base.open_menu is removed, instead its
      action will be replaced by base.action_client_base_menu which is the
      original action.
      closes #11224
      related to: #11216, opw-660269
  17. 06 Mar, 2016 1 commit
  18. 04 Mar, 2016 1 commit
    • Olivier Dony's avatar
      [FIX] product_expiry: performance issues due to extra write() call · 9804c546
      Olivier Dony authored
      When creating thousands of production lots in batch, the
      extra call to write() cuts performance in 2, and can be
      replaced by an appropriate context when calling super(),
      as all the default values are computed correctly.
      The only case that could possibly fail is when the product_id
      is not passed to the create() call but comes instead from
      defaut values (ir.values).
      This case is very rare and considered a manual exception
      where the expiry dates can be input manually.
  19. 03 Mar, 2016 4 commits
    • Nhomar Hernández's avatar
      Merge pull request #86 from vauxoo-dev/8.0-odoo-vauxoo-14282f16-luist · cc3d1c40
      Nhomar Hernández authored
      [FIX] report, website_report: barcode widget
    • Denis Ledoux's avatar
      [FIX] report, website_report: barcode widget · 71b5dc9a
      Denis Ledoux authored and Luis Ernesto Torres Macías's avatar Luis Ernesto Torres Macías committed
      Up to this revision, barcodes set in reports are generated
      using the controller `/report/barcode`,
      using a `img` HTML tag, e.g. (from `report_location_barcode`)
      <img t-if="not o.loc_barcode"
           % ('Code128', o.name, 600, 100)" style="width:300px;height:50px"/>
      This `/report/barcode` route is set as `auth='user'`, meaning
      the route can only be accessed by signed in users.
      When wkhtmltopdf prints a report containing such a barcode,
      it calls this `report/barcode` route, making sure to pass
      the request session in the cookies, so wkhtmltopdf
      uses the same session than the one of the user. This is
      needed, as only users can access this `report/barcode/` route.
      This session is passed in `report.py`, in the method
      `_run_wkhtmltopdf`, thanks to the --cookie wkhtmltopdf
      Nevertheless, if a report is printed through the website
      front-end, as public (without a signed in user), the request
      session is not associated to a signed in user, and therefore
      the route `/report/barcode` refuses the access / redirects
      to the login, making it impossible to print a report
      containing a barcode without being signed in. This even
      if the report is printed as `sudo` through a controller
      (as this is the session of the not signed in user which is passed,
      not a session associated to `sudo).
      Fixes #10621
    • Olivier Dony's avatar
      [FIX] auth_signup: readonly empty login field on signup · 40fdb841
      Olivier Dony authored
      Closes #9367
      Fixes #11180
    • eLBati's avatar
      [FIX] account: `amount_currency` when grouping invoice lines · e0555a66
      eLBati authored
      when using a journal with 'Group Invoice Lines'
      and issuing an invoice with foreign currency with more than 1 line
      (of the same product, or no product),
      the amount currency in the journal item
      associated to the merged invoice lines was wrong.
      It took into account the `amount_currency` of the first line only,
      ignoring the `amount_currency` of the remaining merged lines.
      Closes #10375