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[10.0] web_widget_x2many_2d_matrix: update README

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......@@ -40,7 +40,14 @@ This assumes that my_field refers to a model with the fields `x`, `y` and
`value`. If your fields are named differently, pass the correct names as
<field name="my_field" widget="x2many_2d_matrix" field_x_axis="my_field1" field_y_axis="my_field2" field_value="my_field3" />
<field name="my_field" widget="x2many_2d_matrix" field_x_axis="my_field1" field_y_axis="my_field2" field_value="my_field3">
<field name="my_field"/>
<field name="my_field1"/>
<field name="my_field2"/>
<field name="my_field3"/>
You can pass the following parameters:
......@@ -115,7 +122,14 @@ the field in the default function::
Now in our wizard, we can use::
<field name="task_ids" widget="x2many_2d_matrix" field_x_axis="project_id" field_y_axis="user_id" field_value="planned_hours" />
<field name="task_ids" widget="x2many_2d_matrix" field_x_axis="project_id" field_y_axis="user_id" field_value="planned_hours">
<field name="task_ids"/>
<field name="project_id"/>
<field name="user_id"/>
<field name="planned_hours"/>
Note that all values in the matrix must exist, so you need to create them
previously if not present, but you can control visually the editability of
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