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[UPD] addons table in

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......@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ addon | version | summary
[web_send_message_popup](web_send_message_popup/) | | Web Send Message as Popup
[web_sheet_full_width](web_sheet_full_width/) | | Use the whole available screen width when displaying sheets
[web_shortcut](web_shortcut/) | | Shortcut Menu
[web_timeline](web_timeline/) | | Interactive visualization chart to show events in time
[web_translate_dialog](web_translate_dialog/) | | Easy-to-use pop-up to translate fields in several languages
[web_tree_dynamic_colored_field](web_tree_dynamic_colored_field/) | | Allows you to dynamically color fields on tree views
[web_tree_image](web_tree_image/) | | Show images in tree views
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