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[UPD] addons table in

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......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ addon | version | summary
[web_chatter_paste](web_chatter_paste/) | | Paste images and drop files into the chatter and upload them directly
[web_confirm_window_close](web_confirm_window_close/) | | Check for unsaved data when closing browser window
[web_dialog_size](web_dialog_size/) | | A module that lets the user expand a dialog box to the full screen width.
[web_editor_background_color](web_editor_background_color/) | | Set any background color for web editor snippets
[web_environment_ribbon](web_environment_ribbon/) | | Web Environment Ribbon
[web_export_view](web_export_view/) | | Web Export Current View
[web_favicon](web_favicon/) | | Allows to set a custom shortcut icon (aka favicon)
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