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[FIX] Pull the postgresql image again just in case the cleaner deleted it before the CI.

Some time the autoclean is excuted just before the CI have time to run the tests in which case an exception is shown, now we pull the image just before the postgresql container is created to avoid this.
A better message is shown just in case the postgresql image is now properly set.
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......@@ -334,6 +334,14 @@ def start_instance(config):
def start_postgres(config):
try:'Pulling postgresql image %s', config['postgres_image'])
except errors.ImageNotFound:
_logger.error(('Image %s not found.'
' Make sure variables are properly set and that the Psql version exists'),
raise'Starting container %s', config['postgres_container'])
container = _cli.create_container(image=config['postgres_image'],
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