Commit f28f03bc authored by Jorge Angel Naranjo Rogel's avatar Jorge Angel Naranjo Rogel
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[IMP][aging_due_report] Change date for datetime in formatlang in invoice date

parents 1873b6ac c4008f21
......@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@
<para style="ITEMSLEFT">F: [[ inv['inv_brw'].number or 0]]</para>
<td><para style="ITEMSLEFT">[[ formatLang(inv['inv_brw'].date_invoice,date=True) ]]</para></td>
<td><para style="ITEMSLEFT">[[ formatLang(inv['inv_brw'].date_invoice,date_time=True)[:10] ]]</para></td>
<td><para style="ITEMSLEFT">[[ formatLang(inv['inv_brw'].date_due,date=True) ]]</para></td>
<td><para style="ITEMSRIGHT">[[ inv.get('due_days') and '%s DIAS'%inv.get('due_days') or '0 DIAS' ]]</para></td>
<td><para style="ITEMSRIGHT">[[ formatLang(inv['inv_brw'].amount_untaxed) or '0.00']]</para></td>
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