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[![Build Status](]( Internal R&D repository
[![Build Status](]( =======================
Vauxoo modules for Odoo This is not the repository you are looking for!
You probably want to fork/checkout instead.
On this project we try to mantain all our generic modules that can be used as \ No newline at end of file
little extensions of odoo.
If a module is here frequently is because such need comply a very specific need
of a customer and we considered such feature is generic enought to share on
this repository.
The combination of several of this modules compliment other projects like
odoo-mexico, odoo-venezuela, odoo-ifrs, odoo-afr look on [our github
page]( for such repositories and the utilities where
this modules are used.
Repositories which we depend from.
Read the repo_dependencies.txt file for more information. TODO:
Python Libraries which we depend from.
Read the requirements.txt file for more information.
Do you want to contribute?
[Read the way](
#Better go with [Vauxoo](
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